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Scholarship Info

  • Applying for scholarships can be overwhelming, so the counselors at CHS have created a list of considerations of when, how, and where to apply!

    • Start early: some scholarships began as early as 9th grade
    • Focus on 3-5 national scholarships: there are millions of scholarships available, select the best ones for you and apply. Keep in mind these are national, so there could be thousands of students applying for the same scholarships. 
    • Check with your university for university specific scholarships: most universities have additional scholarships a student can apply for, but the deadlines are usually before application deadlines, so it is important to apply early!
    • Don't wait until the last minute: check deadlines and eligibility requirements for all scholarships so you do not miss out on an opportunity.

What type of scholarship do I apply for?

What type of scholarship do I apply for?


The primary difference between these two types of financial aid is that merit-based scholarships, unlike need-based scholarships, are awarded to students based on academic or other merit rather than demonstrated financial need.


University Specific Scholarships

University Specific Scholarships

Make sure you are completing scholarship applications for each college/university you are applying to. Do not wait until you are accepted, the application deadlines have usually passed by then.

How does RaiseMe work? 

Sign-up as early as 9th grade to earn micro scholarships from activities you do in high school. 

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College Board Junior/Senior Scholarship

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Other college board scholarships can be found through your student online College Board Portal or by selecting the following link: CLICK HERE

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